1.  What is a guardian of a minor? 

With some exceptions, a guardian takes on the role of a parent, providing for the care and custody of the minor and making decisions concerning where the minor lives, where he or she goes to school, and what medical procedures are in the minors best interest.

 2.  Filing the petition and the Social History form 

In order to ask the court for a guardian you must complete a Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Minor (PC651) and file it with the court.  A Minor Guardianships Social History (PC670) form must also be completed by the person who wants to be guardian(s) and filed with the petition.  The Social History form will be kept confidential. 

A special type of minor guardianship called a limited guardianship can be created if the parents or parent who has custody of the minor themselves petition, voluntarily suspend their parental rights, and submit a placement plan which would govern the guardianship.  If you are interested in this type of guardianship, please go to Limited Guardianship for a Minor on this web site. 

3.  Filing Fee

In order to file a petition for guardianship you must pay a $175 filing fee (cash, check, money order and credit and debit payments).  Make any check or money order out to Ingham County Probate Court. 

4.  Certified Copy Fee 

If you wish to receive a certified copy of the Letters of Guardianship once a guardian is appointed, there is a statutorily-fixed $10 fee for certification and $1 per page. 

5.  After you file your petition 

When you file your petition for guardianship, a hearing date will be set and there will be some other things you will need to do, including the following: 

a. Serve notice of the hearing on your petition to all interested persons (including publishing notice on any interested person whose whereabouts are unknown)

b. File a Proof of Service indicating that you have timely informed all relevant people. 

More details on what to do after you file your petition are available at Guardianships for Minors: Service Information.