Adult Conservatorships and/or Protective Order

Adult Conservatorships And Protective Orders

Petition for Appointment of Conservatorship

What you need to know before filing a petition to appoint a conservator or issue a protective order for an adult

Please review What You Need to Know Before Filing a Petition to Appoint a Conservator, which provides information on adult conservatorship and on their alternatives. 

Filing the Petition
In order to ask the court for a conservator or a protective order you must complete Petition for Appointment of Conservator or Protective Order with accompanying MC 97 and file it with the court.  If you have questions on how to fill out the Petition, read Instructions for its completion.  Which is located on the third page of the form Petition for Appointment of Conservator or Protective Order.

Filing Fee
In order to file a petition for conservatorship or protective order you must pay a $175 filing fee (cash, check, money order, and credit or debit card payments).  Make checks or money orders made out to Ingham County Probate Court. 

Investigation Fee 
Once you file your petition, an investigator will be appointed to gather information about the request and make recommendations to the judge.  Pursuant to statutory authorization (MCL 600.875), you will be assessed a $25 fee for reimbursement of the costs of investigation.  This fee may also be assessed if there is an additional investigation based on a request for a temporary conservator of protective order. 

Certification Fee:

Pursuant to P-33 LAO 2020-01, $10 per each document certified, plus $1.50 per page.

After you file your petition
If and when you decide to petition for conservatorship or protective order, a hearing date will be set and there will be some other things you will need to do, including the following:

  • Serve notice of the hearing on your petition to all interested persons (including publishing notice on any interested person whose whereabouts are unknown)
  • File a Proof of Service indicating that you have informed all relevant people in a timely manner. 

More details on this are available at Adult Conservatorship and Protective Orders: Service Information.