Limited Minor Guardianships

Limited Guardianships For Minors

Petition for Appointment for Limited Minor Guardianship

What is a limited guardian of a minor?

A limited guardian of a minor can only be created by the custodial parents of the minor through filing a petition whereby they voluntarily suspend their parental rights and submit a placement plan to govern the guardianship.  With some exceptions, a limited guardian of a minor takes on the role of a parent, providing for the care and custody of the minor and making decisions concerning where the minor lives, where he or she goes to school, and what medical procedures are in the minor's best interest. 

Filing the petition, placement plan, and the Social History form
To ask the court for a limited guardian, the custodial parent(s) must complete a Petition for Appointment of Limited Guardian of Minor and Limited Guardianship Placement Plan and file them with the court.  In order to ask the court for a limited guardian custodial parents must complete this petition and placement plan and file them with the court.  A Social History for Minor Guardianships form;  this must be completed by the proposed guardian(s) and filed with the petition. 
*The Social History form is kept confidential. 

A minor guardianship can also be created through a petition by anyone interested in the welfare of the minor (including the minor him- or herself if 14 years of age or older), but specific findings must be made and a different petition form must be used.  If you are interested in this type of guardianship, please refer to Guardianships for Minors on this website.

Filing Fee
In order to file a petition for guardianship you must pay a $175 filing fee (cash, check, money order and credit or debit card payments).  Make any check or money order out to "Ingham County Probate Court." 

Certified Copy Fee:

Pursuant to P-33 LAO 2020-01, $10 per each certified document, plus $1.50 per page. 

After you file your petition

If and when you decide to petition for guardianship, a hearing date will be set and there will be some other things you will need to do, including the following: 

  • Serve notice of the hearing on your petition to all interested persons (including publishing notice on any interested person whose whereabouts are unknown) 
  • File a Proof of Service indicating that you have timely informed all relevant people. 

More details on this are available at Limited Guardianships for Minors: Service Information.